Sarrah Doppleganger

Fake Tyr Templar


This is a woman who impersonated a templar that we had dealings with in the past. She recognized us on sight, knew we had been gone for some time, and what we were supposed to help the templars with. She looked exactly like Sarrah the templar, and had similar (though slightly worse quality) armor. Led us into a trap which consisted of four of her badly disguised buddies, and then promptly fled when things just started to show signs of going badly.

When the real Sarrah showed up with some real templars and Jethro (I believe he’s the leader of the Tyrrian Templars) they were unconcerned about the dead fake templars and in disbelief that Sarrah was being impersonated. It almost seemed like they wanted to avoid this topic of conversation. This leads me to believe that they may know more than they are letting on, but their reasoning/motives behind keeping this secret is not obvious at the present time. This is of course, if they actually do have any information on this problem.

Sarrah Doppleganger

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